We are a family of 5 living, working, and exploring America!

Meet The Crew



She comes first cos she’s the magic that makes this whole thing work. Erin quit her job as a nurse to stay at home with our kids. As a “test run” for hitting the road, she began homeschooling Ava in the fall of 2014 (1st grade). You’ll find Erin teaching, reading, painting, or cooking amazing meals.

Despite Jon having the “wild hair”, Erin was the first one to bring up the idea of living on the road.



Jon works at Heroku – a platform-as-a-service company owned by Salesforce. When deciding whether or not to hit the road, the big first question was how to find work. Thankfully, we found a great job at a company with a fantastic “remote working” culture. You’ll find Jon typing, tying knots, starting fires, or climbing rocks.



The oldest, Ava gets lots of compliments about her beautiful red hair. She has a soft heart, loves people, and is a fantastic big sister.



Ruby is one tough chick. She loves her princesses, but she also loves playing with bugs, throwing a ball, and pestering her little brother. She also has the cutest voice ever (and we’ll be sad when she grows out of it).



Momma’s baby boy. He gets away with everything, but we can’t help it. Life is good as the youngest. Henry loves throwing rocks into lakes.

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