Welcome to Take Me On Adventures!

This blog was born out of our love for parenting. We’ve been blessed with 3 beautiful kids and we consider it one of our duties to enjoy every bit of our crazy lives and bring our family along for the ride. Sometimes, this means long backpacking trips or long drives out in the country with no destination. Other times, it means making forts out of sheets in the living room, complete with pirates, princesses, and tickle monsters. But each day is something new, and each day is something to be treasured.

In March 2015, we embarked on our biggest adventure yet! We decided to sell our house (and most of our stuff), buy a trailer, and hit the road. Inspired by other families choosing to ditch suburbia, we hitched up and headed West.

To get a better idea about why we chose to live on the road, give this a read: Coming Soon: Life On the Road.